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Korean Cultural Center in Kazakhstan holds exhibition online to one of the most beautiful cities in Korea – Busan
02.07.2020 16:03 1659


NUR-SULTAN - Recently, due to the implementation of measures to prevent spread of COVID-19 in Kazakhstan, the locals of the country are on self-isolation. This project is being implemented by the Korean Cultural Center to make the time people spend at home more useful and interesting, the KCC representative said. Through an Internet platform, anyone can take an individual trip to the second largest city in the Republic of Korea, the port city of Busan.

photo credit: Korean Cultural Center in Kazakhstan (Studio Live)

The city of Busan is located on the south-eastern coast of the Republic of Korea. Many tourists visit Busan for places such as Taejongdae Resort Park, Haeundae and Kwanally Beach. In addition to beaches, tourists are very interested in one of the largest seafood markets in the Republic of Korea – Jagalchi Fish Market. Also Seomyeong Street is quite popular, where you can try a variety of Korean street food. In addition, there are many other tourist attractions in Busan. You can rightly say that Busan is a tourist metropolis.

photo credit: Korean Cultural Center in Kazakhstan (Studio Live)

The Korean Cultural Center offers a variety of online content that is easy and interesting to learn about Korean culture. For example, online Korean cuisine lessons, Korean language courses, the opportunity to participate in an essay contest and speak Korean, and much more. All programs and content are easily accessible at home to all residents of Kazakhstan, who are at home during the period of overcoming the coronavirus pandemic in accordance with the government policy of Kazakhstan to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

photo credit: Korean Cultural Center in Kazakhstan (Studio Live)

1. Online sports exercises at home with Korean Cultural Center: http://kaz.korean-culture.org/kk/493/board/204/read/102531.

2. Learn Korean traditional children's songs with Korean Cultural Center: http://kaz.korean-culture.org/kk/493/board/204/read/102602.

3. Learn the dance moves and lyrics of BTS - "ON" together with Korean Cultural Center: http://kaz.korean-culture.org/kk/493/board/204/read/102694.

4. Realistic video performance of "Pangut" with the Korean Cultural Center: http://kaz.korean-culture.org/kk/493/board/204/read/102779.

5. Online trip to Korea with Korean Cultural Center (Seoul): http://kaz.korean-culture.org/kk/494/board/205/read/103109.

6. Online trip to Korea with Korean Cultural Center (Busan): http://kaz.korean-culture.org/kk/494/board/205/read/103340.

photo credit: Korean Cultural Center in Kazakhstan (Studio Live)

   “This year is the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Korean Cultural Center in Nur-Sultan. We have planned various cultural events such as exhibitions, concerts, etc., but due to the ongoing situation related to COVID-19, we have to cancel all events that involve personal contact with people. However, according to the new paradigm, we are planning a variety of exciting and exciting online cultural events” the KCC representative informed.

photo credit: Korean Cultural Center in Kazakhstan (Studio Live)

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