Contest for best festive dish to Nauryz held in Prosecutor General's Office

press service of the Prosecutor General's Office
Фото: press service of the Prosecutor General's Office 20.03.2023 18:08 405

The Prosecutor General's Office held a solemn meeting dedicated to the celebration of Nauryz Meiramy, El.kz reports with reference to the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office.

Congratulating the team, Prosecutor General Berik Asylov noted the high role and importance of Nauryz in strengthening peace and mutual understanding in society, friendship and interethnic harmony. He also noted that at the initiative of the Head of State, Nauryz has acquired a new content as the basis for creativity and innovation.

"The country's leader presented a comprehensive program for the modernization of our political system, designed to strengthen the country's independence, social harmony and interethnic unity. Therefore, our task is to ensure compliance with the rule of law at all stages of its implementation," the Prosecutor General said.

The celebration continued with the demonstration of national rites "Tusau kesu" and "Kyz uzatu", theatrical performances, performance of folk songs and dances organized by employees. A competition was held among the divisions for the best festive dish, creativity and national costumes.

As a result, the winners and active participants were awarded memorable souvenirs, certificates and letters of gratitude. Concluding the event, the Prosecutor General addressed warm wishes to colleagues for professional success, happiness, health and family well-being.

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