Repatriates Assembly


05.06.2019 2629

Vocal and instrumental choreographic ensemble of "Chechen-Ingush ethnocultural center "Vainah" of Nur-Sultan visited the orphanage in Osakarivka of Karaganda region.

Within the framework of the month "Toqymqagar" of charitable events calendar of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan "Caravan of Mercy" they held a charitable action.


As the art director of ensemble Hanifa Matsieva told, it is the first children's home which specially constructed in times of arrival to Kazakhstan of the first special settlers. In those difficult years children remained orphans for many people.

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In the light of the celebration of Children's Day, Vainah creative team, together with a group of volunteers and parents from the capital city, organized a holiday for 157 children from the boarding school for orphans and those left without parental care.

During the day, a festive lunch was served, gifts were presented to each child and a concert program was shown.

"A great deal of work was done together with volunteers and parents. We held animation events, contests and dance workshops together," Hanifa Matsieva said.

She noted that in this way they shared their knowledge, experience and became very friendly with the children. "Vainah" ensemble is planning joint projects with the orphanage.


"We want to make a general summer trip of our ensemble and children from the orphanage. We agreed to come to them. The boarding school has its own small ensemble. The children also dance Caucasian dances. We have already selected and prepared costumes for them, and will go with them to the training camp, which was planned in July. We'll stage a dance, we'll work with them and share our experience," the artistic director concluded.

It should be reminded, the charitable month "Toqymqagar" started in the Center of coordination of charitable activity "Parasat" APK of capital rendering of the help to large mothers - delivery of gift bags. In addition, a holiday for children was organized.