World-class hotel to build in Semey

World-class hotel to build in Semey
Фото: press service of the akim of the Abay region 29.04.2024 14:59 4299

A hotel of the world brand Accor will soon appear in Semey,  El.kz reports with reference to the press service of the akim of the Abay region.

Accor, as one of the leaders in the hotel market, has more than 5,500 hotels around the world, and will be the first company to add the city of Semey to its map.

 Earlier, a teleconference was held between the Akim of the Abay region Nurlan Urankhayev and the Vice President of Accor for Regional Development in Eastern Europe Philippe Bonet, where the parties expressed a desire for cooperation, after which a corresponding memorandum was signed between representatives of local business and the world company.

- In addition, the hotel will attract tourists and investors, which will stimulate the economic development of the city and the entire region. With the growth of the new flow of guests, there will be a demand for the services and goods of local entrepreneurs, which contributes to the growth of business and the expansion of opportunities for the development of new industries. As well as for the cultural and educational sectors - the number of museums and events will increase, the press service noted.

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