Russia to allocate $31 billion for railway projects in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China

Such an amount the Federation can allocate for the development of railways until 2030
Фото: 29.07.2022 270

Russia plans to allocate $ 30.8 billion for the development of railway projects in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China, reports with reference to Vedomosti.

The funds will be spent on the construction of three new railway checkpoints across the state border of Russia with neighboring countries, 369 km of tracks in Russia and 3,000 km of railways in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China.

According to some reports, we are talking about at least seven large-scale construction projects. For example, in the Trans-Baikal Territory, a second railway border crossing to China may appear, and in the Amur Region , the Jalinda- Mohe crossing, closed in the 2000s due to low cargo traffic, may resume work.

To implement this project, Russia needs the support of its Asian neighbors. At the same time, the idea itself fits into the development strategy of the Russian Federation in the new geopolitical conditions.