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Vladimir Bozhko: Tax amnesty for small and medium business to be held in 2019

20.12.2018 596

At the forum of Entrepreneurs’ Association of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan Deputy of Mazhilis Vladimir Bozhko spoke about the measures taken to support business.

Currently, the law on support of business and trade activities is under consideration in the Parliament.

As Vladimir Bozhko emphasized, serious tools have been created that need to be learned to use, as "not all associations are aware of the tools that the state provides to small and medium-sized businesses.

He said that in order to stimulate private business in the Parliament, changes were made to the Government budget for 2019-2021, through the prism of solving the tasks that were defined by the President in State of the Nation Address.

In particular, as a member of the Deputy group of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan explained, the "Business Road Map 2020" has been extended to 2025. In January 2019, a tax amnesty for small and medium-sized businesses will be held.

According to Vladimir Bozhko, funds were allocated to support the manufacturing industry and the non-resource sector, presentation of long-term liquidity of the national currency, development of the agricultural sector and the increase in exports of agricultural products.

In the period from 2019 to 2021, it is planned to allocate 938 billion tenge for business support, 300 billion tenge for the development of agriculture, 190 billion tenge for the development of manufacturing, 90 billion tenge for the development of SMEs and 30 billion tenge for the construction of rental housing.

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