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14.03.2019 825

Ethno-cultural associations of the capital will take an active part in all cultural events within the framework of celebration of Nauryz meiramy.


As noted by the Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Arystanbek Мukhamediuly, it is time to radically change the format of the holiday Nauryz. Especially important is the form of Nauryz, which educates young people, raising the national consciousness of the people of Kazakhstan.

Therefore, in order to give Nauryz meiramy a new color, it is necessary to create such an ideological content that will cover the entire people of Kazakhstan, regardless of the national and religious affiliation of a person, attaching special importance to moral values.

The Minister emphasized that the time has come to restore the universal values inherent in the holiday, to move away from the narrow folklore and ethnographic framework and bring it to the level of a national holiday.

In this regard, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the State Concert Organization "Qazaqconcert" will present a completely new form of celebration of Nauryz holiday. The festive project "Ulystyn uly kuni" will take place in the Central Concert Hall "Qazaqstan" on March 13th at 5:00 p.m.

"Ulystyn uly kuni" will be an unprecedented project that will cover all facets of Vernal Equinox Day celebrations. On this day, "Qazaqstan" Concert Hall will become the center of the vernal celebration, which will show theatrical performances of folk traditions and rituals, national sports games.

According to the organizers, the audience will be pleasantly surprised by the theatrical performance with the participation of bright characters of Kazakh folklore Er Tostik, Aldar Kosse, Shykbermes Shygaibai, Tazsha bala, which will appear in a completely new image.

In addition, the audience will be able to enjoy the sound of the national kui and songs, the competition of akyns – aitys will be performed. A special festive atmosphere will be created by the stage scenery and foyer, which will be decorated in the form of a yurt.

Meanwhile, on March 21, large-scale folk festivals will be started in Astana, timed to coincide with the spring festival, the official website of the capital's akimat reports.

Ethnoauls will be installed at six sites in the capital city. In total, about 50 yurts will be installed in Astana in honor of the holiday. About each yurt it is planned to show national rites in performance of actors of theatres of Astana city, and also representatives of ethno-cultural associations. A separate zone will be allocated for food court.

On the territory of ethnoaul there will be installed cauldrons for cooking pilaf, nauryz-kozhe and baursaks. It is expected that over 300 thousand guests and residents of the capital will attend the events on holidays.

The citywide events will take place on 21-22 March in the open air.

On the territory of the city 23 places of Nauryz celebration have been determined, where the festive days will be organized events in the form of folk festivities.

The main celebrations will be held in the ethno village on the square near the monument of the 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan (EXPO district), on the city square in front of the akimat, on the square near the monument Qazaq Eli, in the park Zhetisu, on the square near the Palace "Zhastar" and near the theater "Zhastar" (district of the old station).

Festive events in the form of folk festivals will also be held in suburban residential areas.

In addition, yard festive programs will be organized at seven residential complexes.

This year's Nauryz meiramy will also be marked by major sporting events. On March 21, at 2.00 p.m. in the sports complex "Daulet" will be held the tournament on qazaq kuresi. Another major sporting event in honor of the Nauryz holiday will be the charity Astana Nauryz Marathon, which will be held on March 24.

In total, more than 40 events of various formats are planned within the framework of the celebration: folk festivals, concerts, performances, exhibitions and contests.