"Digital Officers" and Network Security Laboratories: How Kazakh Armed Forces to digitize

An automated resource management system has been introduced, which transfers routine processes into electronic format
"Digital Officers" and Network Security Laboratories: How Kazakh Armed Forces to digitize
Фото: Ministry of Defense 04.10.2022 18:00 1708

For the first time in the history of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan, "digital officers" will appear, whose task will be to work on the reengineering of existing processes within the framework of digitalization, the Ministry of Defense told El.kz.

In general, as reported in the relevant department, in the field of digitalization in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the period from 2011 to 2022, certain positive results of the field of digitalization and cybersecurity were achieved:

- 93% of public services have been transferred to electronic format;

- Information systems for recording human and material resources have been developed;

- The information and communication infrastructure has been partially established;

- an automated control system of the Air Defense Forces was introduced and replicated;

- A cybersecurity unit was established;

- A multi-level system of training and advanced training of military specialists in the field of cybersecurity has been created in the line of bachelor's-master's degree-advanced training.

The department assured that in 2022 work continues on the construction of the information and communication infrastructure of military units, and this work is proceeding as planned.

Also, on the basis of two higher military educational institutions, network security laboratories have been created, allowing to perform research work in the field of information protection.

In addition, the Armed Forces have introduced an automated resource management system that solves the issues of automating the functions of accounting and management of human and material resources, weapons and military equipment, ammunition.

The system transfers routine processes that are performed by users daily in paper form and journals into electronic format.

The implementation of the e-MEA project continues, which is designed to improve interaction with citizens, expand channels of communication with the population, optimize the processes of conscription work and accounting for mobilization resources.

"For the first time in the history of the Armed Forces, the selection of "digital officers" will take place. To date, the Ministry has developed a single algorithm for holding the competition. The contest will be held online. It will be attended by current officers and reserve officers with experience of at least five years of military service," the Ministry of Defense added in response to the editorial board's request.

It is noted that candidates will have to register on the agency's website, pass exams on knowledge of regulatory legal acts, pass IQ and SHL testing - numerical, verbal, logical. According to the results of the competition, 13 best officers will be recommended.

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