Representatives of Tatar Literature

We would like to familiarize you with famous representatives of the literature of Tatar people, with whom we share roots and religion, and their most widely read works.
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Representatives of Tatar Literature

We would like to familiarize you with famous representatives of the literature of Tatar people, with whom we share roots and religion, and their most widely read works. One of them, a most well-respected son of the nation, is the popular writer Mashkar Gumerov. The writer was born in Kubiyaz, Askyn District, Bashkiria on November 11, 1911. In 1937, he and his family moved to North Kazakhstan Region, where he obtained secondary education in a Kazakh school.  In spite of being an ethnic Tatar, he wrote in Kazakh only. Hi career began after he graduated from Philology Faculty, Department for Kazakh Literature and Language, Kazakh State University (presently known as KazSU). He worked as a censor at General Directorate for the Protection of State Secrets in the Press under the Council of Ministers of the USSR and was the Head of the Department for Literature and Arts at Kazakhstan Pioneri. During the period of 1957-1977, he was editing Kazakhstan, Zhalyn, and Zhazushy.  The writer’s first work titled “Uya” appeared in Pioner in 1952. Apart from it, his pen created the following: the short stories “Mother and Son”, “Three Days and three Nights”, “Two Sycamores”, “The Lost Key”, and such novelettes as “The Miraculous Remedy”, “He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not”, “The Aul Cursed by the Khazret”, “By the Abyss”, “The Secret Notebook”, “The Middle Son”. Mashkar Gumerov was a translator too. For instance, he translated the novelette “Pavlik Morozov” by V.Gubarev, certain works by the Kazakhstani Russian writer M.Zverev, the novelette “The Adventures of Kuray Malay” by the Bulgarian writer Roza Khafizova, two novelette compilations by the Bashkir writer A.Khakimov, and many more works.  A number of his short stories and novelettes were published in Russian. His book of novelettes “The Middle Son” brought him the Sabit Mukanov Prize of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan.

Another representative of the Tatar community, who made a significant contribution to its literature by writing works in the Kazakh language was Said Bayazitov. The writer was born in Syrdarya District, Kyzylorda Region in 1929. His career began during 1953-1957 as that of a Kazakh Language and Literature secondary school teacher. годы с учителя казахского языка и литературы в средней школе. In 1957-1961, he worked as a literary council for the Kyzylorda Regional Department of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan.  During the period of 1961 to 1963, he attended a course in Higher Literature in Moscow. His first work, a book of children’s short stories, appeared in 1954 and was titled “The Encounter”.  It was followed by the short story compilation “Island Robinsons” in 1956, the adult book  “When Tulips Blossom" and the novelette “Crystal Beads” in 1965. In 1967, “The Encounter in Aydarly” appeared, and in 1976, a short story compilation titled “The Gold Key”.

Another representative of the community is Asgadulla Khamidullin. The writer was born in Petropavlovsk on February 14, 1923. His career began   in 1945–1975 – he worked for Leinskaya Smena, Kazakhstanskaya Pravda, Industrialnaya Karaganda, Selskaya Zhyzn, and the State Committee for Television and Radio of the Kazakh SSR. He was the author of several essays ad critical articles on Russian, Kazakh, and Tatar literature. Besides, he dramatized the novelette “Once and Forever” by Gabit Musrepov and the novel “The Dangerous Ford” by Iliyas Yeseberlin for television. During the period of 1973-197, he translated the novelette “The Way of the Legion” by Sh.Usmanov and the novel “Yamashev” by A.Rasikh from Tatar into Russian and a journalistic essay book by A.Bazilbayev from Kazakh into Russian.

If we just flip through the pages of history, Tatar migration to the Kazakh land began as soon as the tsarist government started colonizing the Kazakh territory.  However, history tells us that there is a long story behind Tatar-Kazakh relations, claiming the two nations’ kinship to be about 400 years old.  Indeed, we cannot deny the contribution to our culture and literature made by people with whom we share roots and have more common qualities than differences. The idea is supported by our President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who said: “Representatives of many nationalities were destined to come to the Kazakh Land. We welcomed them with our traditional hospitality. They have come to be our brothers. Today, we make one multiethnic country. The globalization era is the era of multiethnic states. It is a process happening worldwide. Every community of our country contributes to its culture.”


Elyenora Amir

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