Open Kazakh language lesson held in Lakitelek

Open Kazakh language lesson held in Lakitelek
Фото: MFA 06.09.2023 18:11 8783

Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Hungary, Zhanibek Abdrashov took part in an open Kazakh language lesson for Hungarian students arranged at the National University of Lakitelek to coincide with the observance of September 5 – Day of Languages of the Peoples of Kazakhstan.

Lakitelek University has been offering summer Kazakh language classes since 2008. Hungarian youths are becoming increasingly interested in the Kazakh language, El.kz cites MFA.

This year, under the guidance of the head of the Center of Abay and Kazakh Diaspora Ongaysha Mandoki and Aidana Smagul, 13 Hungarian students took part in the Kazakh language courses and expanded their knowledge. They have the opportunity to become acquainted with our nation's culture, traditions, and customs thanks to the Kazakh language.

Ambassador handed unforgettable presents from the Embassy to Zoltan Husti, Botond Barkai, Ferenc Fejesh, and Juzhanna Majoroshi, as well as books in Kazakh to the Kazakh class, at the open lesson devoted to the Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan. Students talked with Embassy personnel in Kazakh, played dombra, and read Abay’s poems.

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