Conference on role of metrology in achieving SDGs organized with support of permanent delegation of Kazakhstan to UNESCO

Conference on role of metrology in achieving SDGs organized with support of permanent delegation of Kazakhstan to UNESCO
Фото: MFA 15.05.2024 13:10 1106

On the eve of World Metrology Day, the global role of this science was discussed at the conference We Measure Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow, organized jointly by the Permanent Delegation of Kazakhstan to UNESCO, the UNESCO Secretariat, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures and the International Organization of Legal Metrology, El.kz cites MFA.

As previously reported, by its resolution adopted in November 2023 on the initiative of the Republic of Kazakhstan co-sponsored by 43 Member States of the Organization, the General Conference of UNESCO unanimously added the professional holiday of metrologists to the list of international days of the UN system.

“The newly elevated status of the World Metrology Day is designed to consolidate the understanding of the often-invisible role of this scientific discipline, which it plays in our daily lives,” emphasized the Permanent Delegate of Kazakhstan to UNESCO Askar Abdrakhmanov at the opening of the conference. According to the diplomat, “one of the factors of qualitative participation of the country’s economy in international cooperation is the integration of the national metrology system into the established global mechanisms. Actively participating in the work of international organizations on metrology, Kazakh specialists make a valuable contribution to the development of their nation and to improving the quality of life for their compatriots.”

On the eve of the Conference, UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay issued a message dedicated to World Metrology Day.

According to her, “accurate measurements are indeed essential: they pave the way for a common understanding of our world. For example, they are at the center of efforts to tackle climate disruption, being used to measure global temperatures, greenhouse gas emissions and sea levels, as well as how these phenomena interact and can be mitigated. That is why sustainability is the theme of this year’s celebration.”

“At UNESCO, the lead United Nations agency for science, metrology underpins all our work. From mapping the ocean floor to assessing the volume of glacier melt in the Andes and Central Asia – two flagship initiatives by UNESCO – we depend on measurements as powerful tools to drive scientific discovery, technological innovation, and sustainable development,” Audrey Azoulay noted.

As we celebrate this World Metrology Day, let us reflect on the far-reaching impact of metrology: from energy conservation to public health, from trade facilitation to environmental protection. Let us inspire the next generation, especially young women, to embrace metrology as a career, a path that combines science, technology, and creativity to solve real-world challenges,” urges the Director-General of UNESCO.

Hu Shaofeng, Director of the Division of Science Policy and Basic Sciences at the UNESCO Secretariat, emphasized in his statement that “accurate and internationally accepted measurements are essential for economic growth, technological innovation, and scientific advancements.”

“Metrology often operates quietly in the background, yet its impact is profound. It plays a vital role in shaping our world and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Precise measurements are essential for monitoring air quality, assessing water purity, and tracking greenhouse gas emissions, thus contributing directly to climate action SDG 13. Metrology equips healthcare professionals with dependable tools, ranging from blood pressure monitors to MRI machines, ensuring precise diagnostics and effective treatment, contributing to Good Health and Well-Being SDG 3. Moreover, standardized measurements facilitate fair trade,” he emphasized.

“This year, we celebrate it for the first time as an international day designated by UNESCO – a testament to its global importance... let World Metrology Day ignite our collective passion for accurate measurement,” Hu Shaofeng added.

Martin Milton, Director of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, thanked Kazakhstan and other UNESCO Member States for supporting World Metrology Day. “Next year on 20 May 2025 we will celebrate this 150th anniversary with an event that will pay tribute to the historical and scientific achievements over 150 years and, I hope, trigger discussions about how the model of scientific diplomacy led by international organizations may develop in the future,” he stressed.

The conference panelists noted the importance of quality outreach work to promote the basic and natural sciences, with the help of UNESCO.

At the end of the event, the participants could attend the exhibition of posters dedicated to the celebration of World Metrology Day across the globe.

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