Yulia Kozlovskaya: Assembly is an opportunity to make a statement about yourself

07.02.2019 05:05 1329

Yulia Kozlovskaya is the Head of Youth wing at “Polacy” public association and active participant of the cultural events held by the ethnocultural center. Due to the keen interest in young people in the Year of Youth, a leader of the wing shared the future plans and activities are going to be held this year.

Tell about yourself?

—I have graduated from S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrarian University majoring in “Accounting and Auditing”. I have an experience of 15 years working as a chief accountant in construction companies of Astana. I have been a member of “Polacy” Public Association since 2015 and the Head of the Youth wing since 2016.

—When did your youth establish? What kind of events are being held by it? How many young members does it include?

—Our youth wing is actively involved in public activities, we take part in citywide events organized by the Mayor’s office of Astana, the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, "Zhangyru Zholy" Republican Youth Movement, Assembly of Students of Astana, etc.

We participate in many projects – these are Gala concert of ethno-cultural associations at Palace of Students, Exhibition of St. John II in the House of Friendship of Astana, Republican Literary Competition in the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Astana, APK’s XVII Session, Christmas concert at the school-gymnasium No. 5, participation in the republican charity campaign of the Assembly aimed at supporting socially vulnerable groups of the population, "Caravan of Mercy", etc.

—What projects are being held and planned in future?

—Young people learn the language, culture, dance and sing in our centre, celebrate holidays, participate in various competitions and events.

There is Gratitude Day in March, so we plan to participate in the Friendship Festival of Kazakhstan people, which is held annually by the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan.

—In your opinion, what is the main problem of young people?

— I think the main problems of modern youth gadget and Internet dependence, lack of live communication.

Young people strive to meet the standards of life, which are imposed from the outside, there is a substitution of concepts and values.

—What difficulties do you face in your work?

—The main difficulties that we have to face in our activities are the high workload of young people, lack of time. All our children study well, play sports, take part in sports events, study foreign languages, including Polish, do vocals and dances. Vocal ensembles “Krasnolyutki” and “Stokrotka”, as well as the dance ensemble “Kujawyaczek” hold their activities at “Polyacy” for 18 years, they were created to promote and revive the Polish language, culture and folklore of the Polish people. Collectives take an active part in all events, for which they are given diplomas, certificates and expernsive gifts. They have repeatedly visited the Republic of Poland with concert programs.

—Does the cultural center have international cooperation with organizations of Poland?

—Polacy ethnocultural center has active international cooperation with Polish organizations. With the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Foundation for Assistance to Poles in the East, cultural events are held as well. Every year, students who successfully pass the exams are sent to Polish universities – Wroclaw Technical University, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw University of Economics, Academy of Economics in Łódź, Poznań, Katowice, Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

—Have you been to Poland?

—I plan to visit Poland this year, my brother and his family live in Szczecin, Western Poland, and they constantly invite me to visit. My impressions are still made up of video calls, photos of my brother and the Internet. I think I am going to get a lot of positive emotions soon.

—What is the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan for you?

—For me and our youth, APK is an opportunity to make a statement about yourself, an ethnos, a nationality! These are inexpressible emotions when people from all ethnocultural centers in their national costumes celebrate holidays together as one big family. For all of us, I think, Assembly is a family!

—What is your hobby?

—My hobbies are travelling, vacations with my family – they give me strength and positive emotions. When I come back home, I think of another trip.

I am fond of reading different books – psychology, self-development, management and fiction. I do sports, learn Polish language, history and culture.

—What is your motivation?

—My main motivators are my children, son and daughter, with whom I rediscover the world, learn to enjoy life, and look at many things in a new way.


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