Abay schoolchildren invent ECOBIKE to generate "green" energy

Abay schoolchildren invent ECOBIKE to generate "green" energy
Фото: Department of Education of Abay Region 29.11.2023 12:41 11656

A new environmental product "Waste-free School" is being introduced in a school of the Abay region, El.kz reports.

According to the press service of the regional department of education, students from the Ayagoz district of the Abay region created an innovative bicycle called ECOBIKE. This bike has many features: it is not only used as a health and muscle training machine, but it is also capable of generating free electricity with every use.

The uniqueness of the ECOBIKE is that it  allows you to reduce the volume of waste and convert it into useful items and souvenirs.

The school plans to install five such devices on all three floors for students of different age groups. Schoolchildren have already shown interest in ECOBIKE, actively using it as a simulator during breaks. The creators of the project intend to expand its use in public places as well.

"Our idea of a smart bike is simple but effective: we repair broken bikes using them in different designs. A 12-volt generator and a special gear for pedals are installed. The generated electric current is supplied to the battery through a diode converter, increasing the voltage to 220 volts. This allows you to charge mobile devices, as well as automatically signal a full basket through the Arduino application," the authors of the project note.

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