Walter Gauks, speaker of the XXVII Session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan told about cooperation between Germany and Kazakhstan in the field of transfer of technology and education. 
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Kazakhstan and Germany are developing increasing strong mutually beneficial ties with great potential. 800,000 Kazakhstani Germans, who have moved to their historic homeland, as well as the German ethnic minority living in Kazakhstan, play an important role in this and act as a living bridge. This was announced at the XXVII Session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan by a native of Karaganda region Walter Gauks, who now lives in Germany. 

You have delivered speech at the XXVII Session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. What are your impressions?

—First of all, it is worth noting the energy of people who came to the session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan with great desire. Everyone's eyes were burning, this meeting fulfilled its main goal – to charge people with the positive atmosphere that reigned in the hall. As for my speech, I was very worried, as it is a great honour to speak from this rostrum. I felt both excitement and joy. Despite the scale of the event and the presence of dignitaries at the Assembly, I felt like I was in a friendly meeting where I could share my thoughts.

I was very glad to see representatives of the Public Foundation "Kazakhstan Association of Germans "Wiedergeburt" from different regions, with which we work closely. The session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is a platform where we can meet our brothers and colleagues, discuss some initiatives, set goals and projects.

—Are you attending the Session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan for the first time?

—Before that, I was a guest at the session once, I came with Heinrich Zertik (Friendship Ambassador of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan- author's note) and a delegation from Germany. We paid a working visit to the city of Kostanay. This time we also visited this city, as we cooperate with Kostanay University in the field of technology transfer and education. Last year we had a colleague from Germany, who is involved in startup projects in the field of digitalization. It was the first time that he attended a session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan with the participation of Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev. I and my colleague were impressed by the speech of the First President. Our seats were not far from where Elbasy walked. We even managed to greet him. My colleague was very impressed that during his first visit he managed to shake hands with the President of Kazakhstan. It was very pleasant for him. Such bright impressions were left from the APK’s session of the last year.

—Is there a difference between the sessions of the Assembly of the past and the present years?

—This year the session was held with the participation of Elbasy – the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. The organization of the event, as well as last year, was at the highest level. For me, the XXVII Session of the Assembly is special as I was a speaker, walked through the service entrance, saw the backstage.

It is worth noting the work of the organizers, who were behind the scenes. It was very interesting to observe their well-coordinated teamwork, it was necessary to do their work with pleasure and soul to achieve such a result.

You are the Chairman of the Federal Board of the Russian Germans Youth Organization in Germany. What projects are planned with the participation of young people this year?

—Technology and education transfer is a matter for the young generation. Technological processes of industrialization are aimed at long-term prospect, therefore tasks which we have put with colleagues from Berlin on cooperation with Kazakhstan are an integrated approach to a transfer of technologies and education. It is important for us to create projects that will train specialists in the complex. We discussed and implemented such tasks. Philanthropist Sergey Blok, mentioned by Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev, supports this process at the State University of Kostanay. We are introducing a regional industrial center for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the agricultural sector. All this takes place on the basis of the Digital Hub of the agrarian-industrial complex. We have signed a cooperation agreement with the university and are now engaged in training. When college directors came to Germany for an exchange, we showed them how the dual system works.

I am very glad that the Germans, who left Kazakhstan, are ready to participate in the technological and educational process, cooperation, they all want to make their contribution. As the head of the youth organization, I try in every possible way to support all projects and initiatives in this direction. Meeting with colleagues, entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan, we identify specific needs that are present in small and medium-sized businesses. The centre that we have created in Kazakhstan is aimed at solving certain tasks, which will bear fruit. For example, in Germany, the economy is based on small and medium-sized businesses, so we can do a lot together. There is no need to rush anywhere. Processes such as industrialization and digitalization take time. If we can work in this direction in a complex, train specialists, and help each other, I think that such regional business centers will be very successful.

As for technology transfer, specific meetings with entrepreneurs are held and we help to organize meetings. With Wiedergeburt Foundation, which is chaired by Albert Rau, we exchange information, look for partners, solve issues in the field of ecology, waste management and agriculture.

Every time I come to Kazakhstan, I see what progress is being made here, not only cities are growing, but I notice changes in people. When I left in 1996, Kazakhstan was just beginning its steps towards independence, and we all know how difficult it was in those years. Kazakhstan should follow the strategic course set by Elbasy and know that it has good, reliable friends in Germany.

—What do you lack in Germany?

—Fishing, my grandmother, who lives in the village of Konyrat in Karaganda Region.  I miss kazy, beshbarmak, communication with friends, so I try to visit Kazakhstan 2-3 times a year. If before it seemed that Germany was far from Kazakhstan, now you can fly here in half a day. We need to help each other, to influence positively all the processes taking place in the country. As First President Nursultan Nazarbayev said: "A man is born a human first, then a German, a Kazakh, a Chechen. This is the most important thing. We support Kazakhstan in every way possible and are proud of our homeland.



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