Tokayev meets with Writers’ Union Chairman

Tokayev meets with Writers’ Union Chairman
Фото: Akorda 31.05.2023 17:42 1695

The meeting discussed literary figures’ part in strengthening the national unity and forming common values in the country, El.kz  cites Akorda.

During the meeting, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said that the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan is a spiritual center of attraction for the national intelligentsia, noting the literary figures’ huge contribution to maintain continuity of traditions and strengthen the unity of people.

According to him, as the world, readers demand, and societal values are changing, the literary community is facing the task of conforming to the spirit of the new times.

The Kazakh President stressed that the Union of Writers needs to produce really interesting works taking into account the demand among the reading audience. He also noted that the State will provide all-round support to writers.

At the meeting, Kulkenov told the Head of State about the current problems, voiced at the recent Congress of Writers and plans for the upcoming period. He put forward proposals to amend the Culture Act adding some regulations to promote publishing and facilitate a greater promotion of works of local writers.

The Union’s chairman also expressed gratitude for all-round support the State provides to creative people.

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