Tenge hits low annual level

Tenge hits low annual level
Фото: El.kz 02.10.2023 13:09 1749

Over the past month, the tenge has lost value against all key currencies for the first time since November 2022, El.kz reports, citing the First Credit Bureau.

The largest decrease in the value of the tenge occurred against the US dollar. The official exchange rate of this currency increased by 14.78 tenge per month, becoming the second major increase in a row. This growth is the highest since June 2022, and the current dollar exchange rate is 474.47 tenge.

Also, for the first time in eight months, the tenge weakened against the ruble, lowering its value by the same indicator by which it increased in August - 0.11 tenge. The current value of the Russian currency is 4.88 tenge.

In September, the value of the euro increased by 3.69 tenge, reaching 503.51 tenge. Thus, the euro has been rising for the fourth month in a row.

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