Richest bank named in Kazakhstan

Фото: banki.ru 01.12.2022 13:00 223

The first credit bureau conducted an analysis of the profits of domestic banks at the end of 10 months. Thus, the total profit of Kazakhstani second-tier banks for 10 months of 2022 amounted to 1 trillion 155.8 billion tenge (data from the National Bank of Kazakhstan). This is 10.8% or 112.2 billion tenge more than a year earlier, El.kz reports.

This increase was achieved even despite on the fact that 4 banks have been running persistent deficits.

The traditional leaders are Halyk Bank (447.4 billion tenge for 10 months) and Kaspi Bank (292.2 billion tenge). The former have an indicator relative to January-October 2021. increased by 20.5%, in the second - by 12.8%.

However, there are a number of second-tier banks, the profit of which in the current year is much higher than in the previous one.

CenterCredit Bank - 133.6 billion tenge against 18.7 billion tenge for the whole of 2021.

Eurasian Bank - 77 billion tenge against 12.7 billion tenge

First Heartland Jusan bank - 74.2 billion tenge against 25.3 billion tenge

Bank RBK - 31.7 billion tenge against 14.4 billion tenge.

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