Public procurement worth billion tenge canceled in Zhetysu

Public procurement worth billion tenge canceled in Zhetysu
Фото: ©El.kz/Marina RUZMATOVA 27.02.2024 12:16 3817

In Taldykorgan, prosecutors canceled six public procurement tenders worth over bln  tenge, El.kz reports citing Zhetysu prosecutor's office.

According to the prosecutor's office, the reason for the cancellation was the unreasonable overstatement of requirements for participants in the tender documentation, which made it difficult for potential suppliers to participate.

Particular attention was paid to one of the tenders related to the current repair of city streets in the amount of more than 500 million tenge. The tender organizer did not specify the specific names of the streets in need of repair, nor did it provide defective acts and did not determine the estimated cost of work for each street.

The Prosecutor's Office stressed that thanks to their intervention, it was possible to prevent violations of the law and ensure equal access for entrepreneurs to participate in open competitions.

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