President Tokayev receives FIFA President

President Tokayev receives FIFA President
Фото: Akorda 03.05.2023 14:47 1976

Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has received FIFA President Gianni Infantino in the Akorda Palace, El.kz cites the Akorda press office.

The sides discussed the issues of increasing the potential of football in Kazakhstan and development of youth sports.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev congratulated Gianni Infantino on his recent reelection to the FIFA President’s post and thanked him for an invaluable contribution to the development of football around the world including Kazakhstan.

The Kazakh Leader highly praised the prospects of expanding cooperation with the FIFA.

He emphasized the importance of Infantino’s visit in terms of facilitating football in Kazakhstan. «We appreciate your efforts and support you as the FIFA President. We plan to continue the partnership with the FIFA and with you,» said the Head of State.

In his words, more than 1 million people in Kazakhstan regularly play football today. 17 football centers and two academies are working countrywide with more than 7,000 children training there.

Gianni Infantino said FIFA is ready to share its successful international experience and help in development of football in Kazakhstan.

«I know that you love football like everyone else in this beautiful country. I think we can do great things together. Kazakhstan has become a very important country in the global landscape, not only in the regional landscape. For FIFA it is a great partner. We need to work together, because there are so many opportunities through football - for inclusion, for society, to bring people together in a country and also around other countries,» Gianni Infantino said.

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