Natalia Romanova: The art of living in peace and accord is our most valuable experience

03.07.2019 15:29 1914

Within the framework of celebration of the Day of City, ten residents of Shymkent were awarded the title of Honorary Citizen.

The badge of Honorary Citizen was awarded to the Chairman of Shymkent Slavic ethnocultural association Natalia Romanova for her long-term fruitful work and contribution to the upbringing of young generation in the spirit of Kazakhstan patriotism, tolerance and responsibility. In the interview to our website Natalia Sergeyevna has told, what events are carried out by the Slavic cultural center.

—How did you start your career?

—In 1987, I graduated fr om Shymkent Pedagogical Institute. I started working as a teacher at the House of Pioneers of Enbekshi district in Shymkent. Then I worked as a Director of Shymkent Children and Youth Center. Since January 2015, I am a Director of the Palace of Students. In addition to the main work I am engaged in public work, I am the chairman of Slavic ethnocultural association in Shymkent.

—How long has your Slavic ethnocultural centre existed?

—South-Kazakhstan regional Slavic cultural center was organized and registered in 1991. The initiator of creation of the Slavic cultural center in the South Kazakhstan area was its first chairman, scientist-archaeologist, publicist, the author of the first arch of monuments of history and culture of Kazakhstan Nikolay Pavlovich Podushkin.

And Shymkent Slavic ethnocultural center was registered on September 20, 2018. Later, on October 5, in the children's and youth center there was a meeting of representatives of Slavic public organizations of Shymkent city. As a matter of fact and form it was a constituent assembly. The basic directions of work of the created city Slavic ethnocenter were defined. Nine activists of Shymkent in different spheres of activity were unanimously elected to his board.

All of us understand perfectly well, what a responsible mission we all have – to unite people, to do everything possible to preserve peace, public and inter-confessional accord in Kazakhstan.

And I will never get tired of repeating: the art of living in peace and accord is our most valuable experience, we must save it and pass it on to the younger generation. Unity of people - this course Kazakhstan laid the foundation for its development at the dawn of Independence. Time has shown that this course was the most reliable, the most correct one. The people of Kazakhstan are united and stable. And the mission of ethno-cultural associations is to strengthen peace and friendship.

—What activities are carried out by your ethnocultural centre?

—Since the moment of its foundation many events have been held – the festival "Common House, Common Dastarkhan", Shrovetide, "Day of Slavonic Literature and Culture", "Deference of the teacher – heartfelt evening", "Week of gratitude to the Kazakh people", "Christmas meetings", "Total dictation", thematic evening "220th anniversary of Alexander Pushkin "Pushkiniana", Memorial evening dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi blockade, dance fiesta "Equal to Equal", exhibition of Russian applied art, demonstration of Russian national clothing, hats, musical instruments, fair "Russian sweets" and others. People like Pushkin’s works. It could be seen in the number of those who took part in "Pushkiniana".

—Rossotrudnichestvo supports you in many events, what kind of organization is it?

—Rossotrudnichestvo is the Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation. It is a federal executive body of the Russian Federation. We feel its support in many ways.

—The Schoolchildren's Palace, wh ere you are the Head, is part of Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs. Could you tell us about your activities?

—On my initiative, Shymkent Schoolchildren's Palace joined Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs, taking an active part in all the activities of the Federation, and at the general meeting of the UNESCO Club was elected head of the Club, and then elected to the Board of the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs at the First Forum of UNESCO Clubs, Associations, Partners and Friends of Kazakhstan.

The activity of Schoolchildren's Palace staff was appreciated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the institution was included in the "Golden Book" of extra-curricular education.

Thanks to the membership in UNESCO, our creative groups have the opportunity to participate in the international biennale, exhibit their works and learn new directions in art. Of course, this status obliges us a lot. By the way, at one of the meetings of the Board of the Kazakhstani UNESCO Clubs, we noted a charitable action of our children, artists and craftsmen, who organized an exhibition and sale of their works.

We already have 100 different study groups and sections. About six thousand children attend them. The directions are very different: art, applied arts, dance, vocal, sports, technical, language, military-patriotic.

The most titled children's choreographic ensemble in Turkestan region - our "Aigolek", which exists already 67 years! Over the years the ensemble visited dozens of countries at prestigious dance competitions and everywhere with pride, very worthily represents the country, our city.

—You were elected Honorary Citizen of Shymkent, share your impressions.

—I am very proud and responsible to be awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of the city, because Shymkent is the third metropolitan city of the country and I was chosen. I believe that I am a part of the history that we create today.

Dana Tugambekova

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