Large-scale political transformations are underway in our country - Tokayev

Large-scale political transformations are underway in our country - Tokayev
Фото: Akorda 01.09.2023 11:49 2240

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev commented on the political transformations in the country,  El.kz reports.

As you know, large-scale political transformations have been underway in the country since last year. In just a year and a half, radical changes have been implemented.

You have witnessed them and actively participated in the implementation of reforms. The measures taken have made it possible to ensure an optimal balance between the branches of government. The country has switched to the model of a presidential republic with a strong parliament. Thus, the formula "a strong President – an influential Parliament – an accountable Government" has become even more entrenched. We have to put into practice the principles of the "hearing state", and here a special role is assigned to the Parliament, the President said.

Important steps have been taken in the field of human rights protection. Large-scale work is being carried out to ensure the rule of law and justice. Opportunities for citizens to participate in government decision-making have been expanded. The political culture of society has reached a qualitatively new level."

"However, in order to become a truly developed country, we must combine political reforms with deep and comprehensive socio-economic transformations. Despite the difficult geopolitical situation, our country maintains positive dynamics in all key indicators of economic development.

Last year, Kazakhstan's GDP amounted to 104 trillion tenge. A record $28 billion of foreign direct investment has been attracted.

Foreign trade turnover also reached a record level of $136 billion, of which $84 billion is export. The pillar of the stability of our economy - external reserves - has come close to $100 billion," Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said.

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