Korean Ambassador Completes Diplomatic Mission in Kazakhstan

NUR-SULTAN - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Tleuberdi received Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Mr. Kim Daesik on the occasion of completion of his diplomatic mission.
25.05.2020 03:47 2331


photo: MIA RK

During the meeting, the Minister of Foreign Affairs awarded the Korean diplomat with the state award “Certificate of Appreciation of the Republic of Kazakhstan” for his contribution to the development of bilateral relations between Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea. The Minister expressed gratitude to Mr. Kim Daesik for his fruitful work and wished him success.


Kim Daesik was appointed as Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Kazakhstan in April 2017. Before his mission in Kazakhstan, Mr. Kim Daesik had been Ambassador to the Sultanate Oman, Ambassador for International Relations, Jeollanamdo Provincial Government.


Korean Ambassador with Zhanseit Tuimebayev, Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

Over the years, a high level of trust and mutual understanding has been achieved between Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea.


photo: strategy2050.kz

Korean Ambassador Kim Daesik is one of the initiators of the new “Fresh Wind” economic program, which was adopted in April 2019 during the state visit of President of Korea, Moon Jae-In, to Kazakhstan.


photo: strategy2050.kz

Information-communication technologies and digitalization, innovations in industry, public health and medicine, smart city construction, development of resources, renewable energy, finance, agriculture - all these are promising sectors of the economy for cooperation between two countries.

Under the leadership of Ambassador Kim Daesik, the Korean Embassy initiated the establishment of "Friends of Korea" club.


Korean Ambassador with students from Nazarbayev University and Eurasian National University

"Friends of Korea" is a platform for getting to know each other and establishing close mutual contacts between student clubs of different universities in Nur-Sultan and for organizing joint events.


"This is a kind of networking between Korea admirers. I believe that it is a good platform of communication between Korea admirers who study at different universities in the capital," Korean Ambassador said.


Kazakhstanis are very fond of Korean culture and often attend events organized by the Korean Cultural Centre at the Embassy. Last summer, citizens were honored to see a Korean traditional performance ‘nong-ak’ on the capital's embankment. As it turned out, the idea of organizing the traditional performance belonged to the Ambassador Kim Daesik.


Korean traditional performance 'nong-ak'

As Ms. Lee Hye-ran, Director at Korean Cultural Center told, when Korean Ambassador saw the amphitheatre, he said that it would be great to show the Korean art under the blue sky. 


Changwon Festival in Nur-Sultan

Also, the Korean Cultural Center often hosts k-pop band concerts, dance group performances and art exhibitions and Korean Ambassador always takes part in all events.


Korean Ambassador at Friendship House, Nur-Sultan

The Korean Ambassador pays much attention to the Korean ethnic cultural centres in Kazakhstan. Mr. Kim Daesik often attended events organized by Korean Association in Kazakhstan, and visited houses of friendship in the regions.


Korean Ambassador with the members of Association of Koreans in Nur-Sultan

“There are over 100 000 ethnic Koreans living in Kazakhstan. They are a living bridge and play a connecting role for our countries. We organize various programs for them so that they can learn more about their historical homeland and visit Korea” ambassador said.


According to Roza Kim, Deputy Chairman of Association of Koreans in Nur-Sultan, Ambassador Kim Daesik always demonstrated concern and care and attended events of Korean ethnocultural center.


At the opening of Friendship Garden, photo: astana.gov.kz

Many capital residents love the Korean corner ‘Friendship Garden’ in Aray Park, which was built in 2017. The park’s architecture reflects Korea’s charm, the garden’s doors, gates, arches and walls, as well as a mirror pond, show its national style. The Bell Tower of Friendship, the main building, houses a bell which is traditionally sounded to herald the beginning and end of the year. Korean Ambassador who contributed to its opening, expressed hope that Kazakhstanis would enjoy spending their leisure time walking around the park.


photo: astana.gov.kz

“I believe capital residents enjoy and relish the taste of Korea and the height of the friendship that we have built since the establishment of diplomatic ties when they visit the Korean garden with their families and friends” he said.

Recently, SIGONGTECH, a South Korean company, with the support of the Fund of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Korea transferred diagnostic kits for collecting samples and medical means of protection against coronavirus infection to Kazakhstan. The charitable humanitarian aid consists of 2000 PCR tests for the virus, 2,500 R-Guard3000 protective suits and 20,000 bio-material collection containers for testing.


Photo: Fund of the First President of Kazakhstan

Korean Ambassador Kim Daesik evaluated the humanitarian assistance provided by a South Korean company as a good example of sincere friendly relations.


photo: Korean Cultural Center in Nur-Sultan

As Ambassador, Kim Daesik made a significant contribution to the development of relations between Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea. Everyone mentions positive attitude of Korean Ambassador and describe him as an energetic, friendly, open to people and hard-working person.

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