Kazakhstani first-graders to be provided with tablets

In order to solve the problem of "heavy backpacks"
Фото: iXBT.com 01.11.2022 15:46 801

Minister of Digital Development and Aerospace Industry Bagdat Musin proposed to provide first-graders with tablets to solve several problems, El.kz reports with reference to the Inform.kz.

"As a comprehensive measure to solve the problem of "heavy backpacks", as well as to increase the level of digitalization in schools, it is proposed to use tablets. Our proposal is to provide more than 400 thousand first-graders with tablets through the mechanism of the service model in 2023," Bagdat Musin said.

He listed the main advantages of the proposed mechanism.

"First, when using the service model, unlike direct procurement, the one-time burden on the budget is reduced by distributing the contract amount for 4 years, during which the student will complete his studies in primary classes. This model is already actively used by telecom operators when selling phones and tablets to the population and business," the minister said.

Secondly, according to him, within the framework of the service model, in addition to the service of renting tablets, services will be purchased to provide mobile Internet with a special tariff for schoolchildren, as well as maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of tablets.

"Thirdly, an important factor is the ability to remotely access the tablet to update the list of allowed online resources. Most importantly, in order to reduce dependence on foreign production, this mechanism is available only to domestic producers," Bagdat Musin added.

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