Kazakhstan to study Israeli agro-technologies and water management methods

Kazakhstan to study Israeli agro-technologies and water management methods
Фото: primeminister.kz 27.09.2023 17:58 3660

Prospects of application in Kazakhstan of Israeli experience in the development of agro-industrial complex and water resources management were discussed by Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov and Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry "Israel-Kazakhstan" Michael Roe.

During the meeting the issues of improving the efficiency of irrigation, water conservation, introduction of modern drip irrigation technologies, development of agro-science, as well as the application of new approaches in livestock, milk production and poultry farming were discussed in detail.

Alikhan Smailov emphasized that the Government of Kazakhstan attaches great importance to the expansion of partnership and strengthening of multifaceted mutually beneficial relations with Israel. In particular, the country's outstanding successes in agriculture are of interest. 

"We are open to the study of Israeli technologies and are ready to attract them to give impetus to the development of agro-industrial complex. The issues of irrigation and water conservation are also very relevant. We want to increase the efficiency of the funds invested by the state and aim to achieve concrete results," the Prime Minister said. 

He added that here it is important to take into account the entire production cycle in order to make the necessary adjustments at each level. 

"All this should be looked at in a complex: what support measures from the state should be, what should be from science, education and industry. For example, local assembly of units, machines and other equipment. We are ready to work together in these directions,"Alikhan Smailov emphasized. 

In turn, Michael Roe noted that Kazakhstan has the potential to fully cover the needs of the domestic market and through an integrated approach to the development of agro-industrial complex can make an extremely large contribution to global food security. 

He offered to provide comprehensive assistance in the application of Israeli agro-technologies and water management methods in the implementation of the message of the Head of State in the field of agriculture.

As a result of the meeting it was agreed to organize in the nearest future exchange of experience and joint work on all the issues.

Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Nurzhan Nurzhigitov and Minister of Agriculture Aidarbek Saparov also participated in the meeting.


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