Kazakhstan to build Water Resources and Irrigation Ministry

Kazakhstan to build Water Resources and Irrigation Ministry
Фото: Pixabay.com 01.09.2023 15:22 2265

Problems of water accessibility and water resources quality remain an urgent challenge, the Head of State addressing the joint session of the Parliament Chambers.

By 2040 Kazakhstan may face water shortage of 12-15 billion cubic meters due to population and economic growth. Kazakhstan depends on resources of the transboundary water sources. The Eurasia’s rivers and lakes are common reserves called to unite nations and economies.

It is crucial to come to understanding and mutually profitable consensus with the neighbors and friends on this issue. To this end well-coordinated water policy and settlement of transboundary water use issues remain priority tasks of the Government, Kazinform quotes the Head of State as saying.

The President said the National Hydrogeological Service is to be built in Kazakhstan.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev stressed the whole water management system of Kazakhstan, including the key companies such as Kazvodkhoz, Nura group water supply system will be reformed.

Water is a limited resource. It is a guarantee of farmers’ survival. All the violations in this sphere will be severely suppressed and fined. Water resources are no less important for our country than oil, gas or metals. An independent department should deal with the effective development of the water management system. To this end the Head of State assigned to establish the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.

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