Kazakhstan celebrates Labor Day

Kazakhstan celebrates Labor Day
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Every year, on the last Sunday of September, all Kazakhstanis celebrate a special holiday established by the President of Kazakhstan in November 2013 - Labor Day. This significant event is designed to revive the long-standing traditions of respect for working specialties and convey to the younger generation the importance and value of work, El.kz reports.

Many of us remember the times when the celebration of May Day, the day when the merit and solidarity of the working class was celebrated, was bright and eventful. With the collapse of the USSR, this tradition faded into the background, but in modern Kazakhstan it became obvious that new generations need to pass on respect for work, as well as preserve and develop working traditions and work culture.

Labor Day in Kazakhstan is not just a holiday, it is a moment of national unity and pride in one's labor achievements. In honor of this day, the medal "Veteran of Labor" was also introduced. This medal is a symbol of respect and gratitude to outstanding professionals who gave years of their lives to work, invested in the development of their industries, and formed the economic and social face of the country.

The whole of Kazakhstan is transforming on this day. Cities and towns are filled with music, joy and smiles. Festive events are held: concerts, rallies, sports competitions. What is especially important, a variety of competitions are organized, where you can stand out as a professional, get well-deserved recognition and even valuable prizes.

The main purpose of the celebration is not just joy and relaxation. This is an opportunity to raise the authority and status of working professions, to pay tribute to working dynasties, to emphasize the importance of each profession in the large mechanism of the country's economy. Labor Day is also a platform for dialogue between workers, entrepreneurs and the state.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the celebration of Labor Day is not just a revival of an old tradition. This is also an opportunity for every citizen to stop, look at their labor achievements, be proud of them and go further, strive for new heights. May this day be filled with joy, pride in your country and respect for all those who work for the good of Kazakhstan.

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