Kazakhstan approves 2024-2026 Science Development Concept

Kazakhstan approves 2024-2026 Science Development Concept
Фото: primeminister.kz 28.09.2023 17:14 3652

Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov has chaired today a session of Kazakhstan’s Supreme Scientific and Technical Commission to determine the priority areas of development of science for 2024 - 2026, El.kz cites primeminister.kz.

Addressing the attendees, Alikhan Smailov reminded of the release of the 2023 edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII) compiled by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It covers more than 80 indicators, including science, education system and infrastructure.

“Kazakhstan ranks among top-3 innovative economies of the Central and Southern Asia region, after India and Iran. The Ministry of Digital Development and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education should keep creating favorable conditions for scholars and developing infrastructure in order to upgrade our positions at the global arena,” Smailov said.

According to Minister of Science and Higher Education Sayasat Nurbek, the Ministry has elaborated six priority areas of science development for the nearest time – “Ecology, Environment and Rational Nature Use,” “Advanced Production, Digital and Space Technologies,” “Intellectual Potential of the Country,” “Life and Health Science,” and “Sustainable Development of Agro-Industrial Complex.”

All these approaches, as Sayasat Nurbek said, are based on the international experience, namely, the experience of EU countries, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Spain and other countries, as well strategic tasks outlined by the President in his latest State-of-the-Nation Address and other program documents.

Another important area is linked to national security ensuring.

Special attention will be given to the rational use of water resources, maintaining soil quality, ensuring energy security (including heat power engineering), greenhouse gas reduction and RES development.

The document is also aimed to support research in construction, mechanical engineering, industry, transport technologies, robotics, artificial intelligence, creation of new materials, telecommunications, medicine, pharmaceuticals, livestock breeding, agriculture, processing and warehousing of agricultural products and raw materials, food production, etc.

Following the discussion, the Supreme Scientific and Technical Commission approved these approaches.

The meeting also discussed the distribution of funding volume for each priority area of science development in 2024-2026.

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