Kazakhstan and Indonesia celebrate 30 years of diplomatic relations

Фото: El.kz 05.06.2023 10:05 1510

Kazakhstan and Indonesia commemorate a significant milestone – the 30th anniversary of the inception of their diplomatic relations, El.kz cites MFA.

In recognition of this momentous occasion, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Foreign Affairs Murat Nurtleu have extended their congratulatory messages to their Indonesian counterparts.

The anniversary symbolizes the progressive stride of Kazakhstan and Indonesia in fortifying their mutually beneficial partnerships, founded on the principles of respect and equality. Since initiating diplomatic relations in 1993, the two nations have successfully fostered collaboration across a broad range of sectors, encompassing economy, trade, education, and culture.

Trade relations between Kazakhstan and Indonesia have seen substantial evolution over the years, and the volume of mutual commerce continues to rise. Both nations are intent on expanding their economic cooperation across various fields, with particular emphasis on energy and agriculture.

Cultural ties also play a significant role in the relationship between Kazakhstan, the cradle of nomadic civilization, and Indonesia, the largest archipelagic state in the world. Thanks to academic and research exchanges, as well as participation in cultural and scientific events, the peoples of both nations are growing increasingly interconnected.

In the span of the past three decades, through dedicated diplomatic engagement, Kazakhstan and Indonesia have succeeded in building a robust foundation for collective advancement: both nations have showcased a commitment to fostering mutual understanding, maintaining amicable relations, and uniting efforts towards promoting sustainable development.

Today, as they look toward the future with unwavering confidence and optimism, Kazakhstan and Indonesia express their resoluteness to further deepen their mutually beneficial ties. Both countries are poised to embark on a new chapter of diplomatic endeavours, focusing on the exploration and realization of collaborative opportunities to the benefit of the peoples of Kazakhstan and Indonesia.

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