Kazakh Senators meet with representatives of International Monetary Fund

Kazakh Senate
Фото: Kazakh Senate 31.01.2023 13:30 404

Issues of assessing transparency in the fiscal sphere were discussed by senators of the Committee on Finance and Budget with representatives of the International Monetary Fund, El.kz reports with reference to the Telegram channel of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Chairman of the Committee Sultanbek Makezhanov in his welcoming speech told the participants about how the powers and duties of the legislature are fulfilled in relation to the budget process.

"The Senate of the Parliament is formed for the most part from representatives of 20 currently available administrative-territorial units of the country. Therefore, in their activities, senators, among other things, represent their region. Knowing the problems of their region, the requests of local residents, the deputies within the framework of their powers, together with representatives of the regions, solve them in the relevant sectoral Ministries and, of course, this concerns the issues of financing," Senator Makezhanov said

During the discussion, Senator Bekbolat Orynbekov drew the attention of IMF representatives to the fact that deputies have the opportunity to directly influence the formation of the republican budget during its consideration in the Senate.

In turn, the head of the IMF group told the deputies about the mechanisms for identifying the facts of the withdrawal of capital from the country and returning them to their rightful owner, as well as about the pros and cons of Kazakhstan's Tax and Budget Codes in comparison with other countries.

Summing up the meeting, Sultanbek Makezhanov stressed that the deputies are always ready for open cooperation in this area.

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