International Tournament of Naturalists IYNT-2023 held in Kazakhsta

International Tournament of Naturalists IYNT-2023 held in Kazakhsta
Фото: Ministry of Education 07.09.2023 15:14 2593

More than 200 schoolchildren from nine countries took part in the International Tournament of Naturalists IYNT-2023, organized by the National Educational and Health Center "Bobek" of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, El.kz reports.

During the week, young researchers had the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in disciplines such as physics, chemistry and biology, as well as use mathematical and software tools to solve complex problems.

The tournament brought together 19 teams from nine countries, including Pakistan, Uganda, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Greece and Kazakhstan. The total number of participants was about 220 people. As a result, the winners were:

1st place - the team from Georgia "Georgia National";

2nd place - the team from Bulgaria "Bulgaria A" and the team from Croatia "TeamCroatia";

The 3rd place was taken by teams from Greece "Hellas Shockwave", "Hellas Casper", Bulgaria "Bulgaria B", Pakistan "White", Romania "Limitless 4.0", "Axis Mundi".

IYNT-2023 is a team competition aimed at developing participants in the ability to solve problems in the field of science, convincingly defend their solutions and promote them in scientific discussions.

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