Head of State Tokayev meets with ombudsmen and human rights leaders

Head of State Tokayev meets with ombudsmen and human rights leaders
Фото: Akorda 29.08.2023 16:29 2086

Kazakh Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev met with ombudsmen with specific mandates and representatives of human rights structures ahead of the Constitution Day, El.kz cites Akorda.

In his speech, the Kazakh President spoke about the results of the large-scale constitutional reform underway. As he noted, the adopted changes and additions to the Basic Law laid a solid foundation for comprehensive transformation of the entire state model, with the constitutional reform having a a strong human rights focus.

The Constitutional Court began its operation, examining 43 cases, 23 of which already received corresponding decisions, in the first seven months. As the President highlighted, the citizens now have direct access to the Constitutional Court.

Tokayev drew attention to the activization of interaction between citizens and ombudsmen, noting that the number of citizens’ appeals doubled.

The Head of State gave a number of priority tasks before the representatives of human rights structures. According to him, it is necessary to focus on preventive measures in the work of human rights and law enforcement agencies.

In addition, the President pointed out that citizens’ complaints need to be addressed with the involvement of specially mandated ombudsmen and commissioners, as well as instructed state bodies to provide them with necessary support in the issue.

Another key task noted by the President was citizens’ greater literacy and increased information presence of human rights institutions.

«In today’s circumstances, the importance of legal propaganda and education of citizens increases. It is important to use the potential of all human rights institutions involving a wide range of experts. You need constantly set agenda in the public field. Social tensions and dependent attitude spread mostly due to legal illiteracy. Most people cannot defend their interests in the legal field, make use of existing instruments. Most of violations of rights and freedoms of citizens take place in the periphery with limited access to information resources and legal assistance,» said the Kazakh Head of State.

In conclusion, Tokayev stressed that the ombudsman system established in Kazakhstan fully justify its purpose, which is an important part of building Just Kazakhstan.

Addressing the meeting were Human Rights Ombudsman Artur Lastayev, Children’s Rights Ombudsman Dinara Zakiyeva, Commissioner for the rights of socially vulnerable groups Svetlana Zhakupova, Business Rights Commissioner Rustam Zhursunov, and Chairman of the Human Rights Commission under the President Igor Rogov.

The event was also attended by State Counsellor Yerlan Karin, Constitutional Court Chairwoman Elvira Azimova, Prosecutor General Berik Assylov.

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