Financial Intelligence of Spain and Kazakh AFM agree on cooperation

A meeting of the global network of anti-corruption bodies was held in Madrid
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The third plenary session of the Global Operational Network of Anti-Corruption Law Enforcement Agencies (GlobE Network) was held in Madrid, reports.

According to the Agency for Financial Monitoring of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan became the 60th country to join the GlobE Global Anti-Corruption Network, and the Financial Monitoring Agency - the 124th agency in a row

The meeting from Kazakhstan was attended by the head of the anti-corruption financial monitoring department of the Financial Monitoring Agency - Daniyar Usenov, the head of the department of internal security of the Financial Monitoring Agency - Kuat Abdykhanov and the deputy head of the department of the Anti-Corruption Agency - Rinat Kabiev.

Within the framework of the plenary session, meetings were held with representatives of law enforcement, anti-corruption agencies and financial intelligence services: Austria, Bahrain, China, India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Great Britain, the United States, as well as with representatives of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, the World Bank and the International Center for Asset Recovery at the Basel Institute of Management (ICAR).

The participants of the meetings discussed the development of bilateral relations, as well as established contacts for further cooperation.

The parties exchanged experience in the application of anti-corruption measures, the use of information technologies, analytical systems and practical aspects in their activities.

In addition, a meeting was held with the head of the financial intelligence of Spain, Pedro Comín, at which an agreement was reached on the operational exchange of information, informal interaction regarding financial transactions related to money laundering and terrorist financing.

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