Extraordinary Congress of People's Party of Kazakhstan held in Astana

People’s Party
Фото: People’s Party 30.01.2023 18:35 299

The XXIII Extraordinary Congress of the People's Party of Kazakhstan was held in Astana, El.kz news agency reports with reference to the press service of the party.

The main topic was the upcoming electoral campaign in the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Chairman of the Party Yermukhamet Yertysbayev made a brief analysis of the current situation in the country.

“It is possible to change the system by rallies and protests. But it is more effective to do this in the Parliament. Therefore, we invite Kazakhstanis not to the square, but to the polling stations in order to achieve the fulfillment of all the requirements set by citizens in a civilized, democratic way," Yermukhamet Yertysbayev said.

During the Congress, candidates for deputies of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan from the People’s Party were nominated, both on the party list and in single-mandate constituencies.

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