Dimash’s song Together was played on two Mexican radio stations

Фото: El.kz 28.03.2023 17:39 220

Dimash Qudaibergen’s new single Together was aired on two Mexican radio stations. The composition was presented on special broadcasts of Radio Oye 89.7 and Radio Sinaloa, El.kz cites dimashnews.com.

This is the fifth song of the Kazakh artist, which was played on the radio station “Oye 89.7”. For the very first time, the composition Golden was presented on their air, after which, thanks to the huge response of Dears, Dimash’s songs began to be broadcast on the radio regularly.

Together was aired in the program “Tu Fandom” by the popular musician, reactionary and radio host Poncho Yezka, who made many interviews with famous artists from America, Europe and Asia.

On the same day, another popular Mexican radio station, Radio Sinaloa, also played the song Together. The song was part of a program called “Youth on the Move” by radio host Jennifer Jocelyn Rodriguez.

Jennifer shared that she’s been familiar with the Kazakh artist’s work since 2018, and has remained very impressed with his vocal skills ever since.

“Since 2020, I’ve periodically included Dimash’s songs on our radio station in order to introduce listeners to his amazing work. But this is the first time I’ve hosted a program devoted entirely to Dimash. Thanks to everyone who supported us. Now I can say with confidence that in my city Dimash’s name is already known!”.

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