Combining a talent with a job

This person always tries to achieve good results in every field she starts.
Combining a talent with a job
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This person always tries to achieve good results in every field she starts. The person who has just got acquainted with her can notice at first sight that she is very hard-working. We have asked the actress combining a talent with a job to share with her advice and experience. 

  • What products are being made in the workshop?
  • We usually make household things. Patchwork quilts, soft blankets on furniture. Tableclothes, curtains and other products of home textile are made in our workshop.
  • Are outfits only for the stage or you can produce everyday clothes as well?
  • We have made outfits of new daughters-in-law special for the tradition of pouring out tea. It has not been a long time since we were opened. But, there are a lot of demands in camisole and dresses of daughters-in-law.  We have noticed that. It has not been possible yet to choose one direction in the market. Because our seamstresses have been busy to do special offers. I do not want traditional outfits to be made as every day clothes.

  • Who makes the design of clothes?
  • I make it myself. I also create new ornaments for curtains.
  • So you have skills of an artist. And you are the main seamstress, are not you?
  •  Lately I have no enough time to work in the workshop. But as my mother is a seamstress, I am not far from it. I teach our workers what I know, and sometimes I can learn something from them.
  • You are a seamstress, a businesswoman, a dancer, a sportswoman, an actress, a singer, what are other skills we do not know?
  • Do not be surprised if once I can do something else. People redo what other people have done. Therefore I am sure I will be able to learn something new. Last year we started the service of delivering food “As bolsyn”. It is aimed at delivering hot food to shooting sites. Yesterday we delivered food to a team making a video clip. It is a good opportunity for filmmakers. 
  • Do you have your special rules of a businesswoman?
  • My main rule is paying salary on time. When there are a lot of orders I try to encourage workers with bonus and work positively. Our workers are mostly from villages and countries. In such cases I pay attention to have a comfortable place to live for my team. Because a worker does not want to leave good conditions. And it is better not to lose an experienced worker who has learned all the secrets of the job. I would like to make a system of conditions to work for women on maternity leave but who apply to work with a child. Of course, I expect relevant job after creating such conditions. There are special cameras on the working site. We try not to waste a moment.

  • How many hours do you sleep a day, we always see you working in the workshop at night?
  • In fact I sew mostly at night. During the day I am on a shooting and do not have time. A businesswoman does not only have to manage but also be in the process of production. What are material expenses? How many profits are going to be made and how is it going to be done? So, when you check all these things and understand inside of your business you will be able to become successful. Usually when my husband is on business in another city I am sewing at night. In addition, another help to develop my business is that my parents-in-law are looking after their grandchildren. Therefore, it is very important to have people to support you in running business. When I am tired after sewing at night I have a rest during the day. Because there is no one who cannot be tired physically.     
  • If girls come to you to learn your job, what main advice will you give them?
  • I am always writing about this on my pages of social networking sites. I have had failures too. There were times when I could not make profits and lost money I had invested. You do not have to take on a loan to run your business. Instead, you should start from a small thing and make it a workshop. But in our country people start by taking loans, buying several sewing machines and renting an office. It is considered very risky. You should gain your customer’s trust bit by bit at first and then run a business. 

  • Do not you want to shoot a film yourself?
  • I am thinking of this. But I am not ready yet in accordance with professional, idea and investment.   
  • Where do you buy materials and tools needed in the workshop?
  • I buy in Almaty’s shops. Before we bought in Kyrgyzstan. Nowadays Almaty’s offers are not bad. Sometimes we buy some tools abroad. I am dreaming of the development of textile in our country. Because we are trying to sell at acceptable prices as far as possible. But when not only textile and even threads are being exported it is impossible to decline prices on domestic goods.  

  • Is it difficult to be a businesswoman?
  • Perhaps I cannot notice difficulties because I like it. We have opened the workshop in Astana too. Sometimes my phone rings for 24 hours. I forget about my business only during the shot. Because when I am playing my part I am not Gulsharat, I am the person who I am playing. During this time my assistants are responsible for everything in the workshop.
  • Is it possible to become a businesswoman if you do not have anything?
  • It is definitely possible. I have not been inherited by anyone. I and my husband started this business from the beginning. There are a lot of people thinking that “I got married to a rich man, I am traveling around the world and I have a wonderful life”. But in fact I was sewing and working hard while others were asleep. I did all my best to fight laziness. Therefore I can assure that it is possible to do something from nothing.
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