Astana International Forum: overcoming challenges through dialogue

Astana International Forum: overcoming challenges through dialogue
06.06.2023 13:57 1931

The Astana International Forum, which will be held on June 8-9, 2023 in Astana, will become a platform for uniting the efforts of the international community in solving global problems. The forum will bring together high-level delegates from governments, international organizations, business and academia for dialogue on issues such as climate change, food shortages and energy security, El.kz reports .

The event will include a plenary session where leaders of states and heads of international organizations will discuss global challenges and look for ways to peace, cooperation and economic progress.

The forum will also offer 40 panel sessions and extracurricular events where experts will address issues of foreign policy, international development, energy, climate change, economics and finance.

The Astana International Forum will become a platform for the exchange of knowledge and the transfer of best practices. It will attract hundreds of international speakers and moderators who will offer innovative solutions to overcome global challenges. In addition, the forum will provide an opportunity for business meetings and the conclusion of important agreements.

The organizers of the forum hope that this event will become a long-term platform for continuing dialogue and cooperation in solving global problems. The Astana International Forum symbolizes hope for a better future where countries and organizations can collaborate to create a sustainable and prosperous world for all

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