Argentina's Celeste Saulo becomes first woman to head the World Meteorological Organization

Servicio Meteorologico Nacional
Фото: Servicio Meteorologico Nacional 02.06.2023 10:09 1432

The World Meteorological Organization voted Thursday for Argentina's Celeste Saulo to become its first woman leader and steer the WMO's critical global role in tracking climate change, El.kz cites batimes.com.

Saulo, a WMO vice-president who has headed Argentina's national weather agency since 2014, won a landslide in a vote held behind closed doors at the UN climate and weather agency's congress in Geneva.

The WMO's role in climate change has become increasingly prominent and Saulo, 59, will likely become a well-known advocate on this pressing world issue.

"In these times when inequality and climate change are the greatest global threats, the WMO must contribute to strengthening the meteorological and hydrological services to protect populations and their economies, providing timely and effective services and early warning systems," she said following her election.

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