Altynay Tanirbergenova: Woman’s role in society is spanless

06.03.2020 14:30 1397

On the activities of the Mothers Council under the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

The Mothers Council is one of the structures of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, the main mission of which is to ensure public harmony and national unity by strengthening the family institution.

The Council of Mothers carries out great work in education of spiritual and moral values, in education of Kazakhstan patriotism and interethnic tolerance.

The Head of the Mothers Council, Altynay Tanirbergenova, told about important public problems that the organization faces.


- Could you tell about yourself?

- I am an expert in the implementation of social projects of national and international level aimed at supporting and developing conditions for children with disabilities, mentor on trainings Corporate Social Responsibility. I have managed the Project Festival of children's creativity Zhuldyzay and the coverage of children, participants of the Festival has increased to 8 thousand children all over Kazakhstan.


-You are the Chairman of the Mothers Council, what projects are implemented by the Council?

-Since November 2019, I have been appointed the Chairman of the City Mothers Council at the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. I have organized free activities for mothers of children with disabilities on the unique embroidery of mosques of the world. Since April 2019, I have been the Chairman of the Public Association "Center for Friendship of World Women". Free hobby groups for women from the word-bound population have been opened in the House of Friendship for yoga, horseback riding, shaping for pensioners, embroidery club "Biz Keste" under my leadership. There are training sessions for mothers with many children to support social entrepreneurship "Believe in yourself". The Friendship House holds round tables and sessions on family gender policy, in particular on women in difficult life situations. Exhibitions of mothers' works are also held, and the most talented mothers can start their entrepreneurial career with the support of the Mothers Council.

The Yoga Social Project for Mothers is led by instructor Gaukhar Bubekanova. This project has been prepared for mothers with many children and for mothers with children with disabilities.


-Could you tell us about Zhanuya Family Institute Support Center?

- The Center is located in Saryarka district at Beybitshilik 14. All necessary services are concentrated here. Local residents are given an opportunity to find a job, get reliable and detailed information on state programs being implemented.

The Center combines state services rendered to citizens on the principle of one window and carries out individual work with families.

 For many years, women were given the role of protecting the hearth and raising children. Now the role of women has increased in society. Today, the main role of women - the creator of domestic coziness and warmth has been added to others. They take part in the state administration, make major political decisions, develop public activity and implement major business projects. And no matter what women take up for, it is done with great responsibility and soul, and that is why they receive deserved recognition and honor.

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