AIX CSD announces Citibank Kazakhstan become its participant

23.11.2022 10:11 285

Astana International Exchange (AIX) is pleased to announce that Citibank Kazakhstan JSC has become a Participant of the Astana International Exchange Central Securities Depositories (AIX CSD), thereby allowing international institutional investors to hold their assets at the AIX CSD under the bank’s custody, El.kz cites aifc.kz.

Citibank in Kazakhstan processes a significant share of all corporate payments in the country, with a presence in the country since 1994.

Saule Zhakayeva, Chairman of the Management Board of Citibank Kazakhstan JSC, noted:

“In Kazakhstan, we follow global Citi’s mission of enabling growth and economic progress. I believe that this partnership with Astana International Exchange Central Securities Depositories is a prominent milestone for Citibank Kazakhstan JSC and our clients, including international investors and the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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