A reminder for tourists of Kostanay

If you first come to this northern town and do not know what to do, follow the points of our reminder.
A reminder for tourists of Kostanay
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If you first come to this northern town and do not know what to do, follow the points of our reminder. You will get gastronomic, aesthetic, educational and simply entertaining experience.

1) Take a selfie at the “Big Ben”

The Clock Tower is the symbol of Kostanay, a constant meeting place and the main attribute of Kostanay symbols. Be sure to purchase a magnet with its picture to take with you a part of Kostanay.

The tower was built in 80s by the architect Iosif Isakov. It was designed on the principle of “Golden Section”. This means that the structure has an unequal symmetry. In turn, this form promotes the best visual perception and harmony. Over the years, the tower has changed the color not only once. Once it was even bright pink, which caused confusion and even outrage among the townspeople. Now the symbol of the city has the usual peach color. Inside the clock tower it is a residential building with several apartments. Earlier on the first floor different companies arranged alternately. Now there is a pastry shop.

2) Try ice cream and pastries

Kostanay region is the breadbasket of Kazakhstan. Kostanay grain is exported to more than 30 countries: Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran and etc. In these countries it is valued for its high quality. At home, all bakery products are usually prepared from this grain. Any bun or rye loaf might surprise everyone. In addition, the dairy production is very well developed here. Cheese, cottage cheese, kefir, yoghurt and milk are mostly local on Kostanay tables. But especially different is the ice cream, which is produced by one of the local companies, used to be the former city dairy plant. The recipe remains Soviet, so many people say that the taste of ice cream “as in childhood”. Just ask in any shop a cup of local ice cream or chocolate ice cream. You will immediately want to buy an 800-gram bucket of ice cream or a pound package.

3) Go for a walk

In the heart of the town, there are two intersecting pedestrian streets: Al-Farabi Avenue and Baitursynov Street. There are many town sights along them. That clock tower, Children’s art school, the Museum named after Ibray Altynsarin. Lots of benches, cafes and just beautiful buildings are located here. In Baitursynov Street, you can reach the Kazakh-French Cultural-Entertaining Center or visit the unique Museum of toys. Moreover, if you have time to visit the center at the “o’clock” - 12:00, 13:00, etc., then you will see a real performance. At this time music plays on the clock in the Central building, and in the clock there is a “dancing” figure of Marilyn Monroe or Charlie Chaplin.

4) And once more about Charlie Chaplin

In Kostanay there are a lot of small architectural figures. All the same, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Poppins, a farmer, a student boy and a student girl. If your plan is not limited only to the city center, feel free to look for urban sculptures. Here you can find a plumber, Pushkin, and even Kos and Tanay, girls whose stories formed the basis for the name of the city, according to legend.

5) Get to know history

If you are interested in the history of Kos and Tanay and you want to learn more, then go directly to the Kostanay Regional Museum, which is located in the heart of the city in a historic building. This building was once a brothers Yaushev’s passage.

There you can get all the details of the town history, also get to know many interesting exhibits.

If you are interested in military history, there is the Victory Park in the town, dedicated to all Kostanay veterans and the fallen soldiers in battle.


Do not forget warm clothes to Kostanay. The weather in this region can be extremely unexpected. The thaw may be changed with sudden strong frost and a hot day with very cold in the evening. Kostanay residents, on the contrary, greet very warmly their guests. Write in any Kostanay groups of social networking sites that you want to visit the town and you will find a lot of people to show you around and even ready to give a place to stay. The cold is here only the weather condition, but not human.

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