3.7 billion tenge allocated from Government reserve to provide Aktau and nearby villages with heat and gas

Фото: primeminister.kz 05.05.2023 15:47 1804

The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan allocates 3 billion 695 million 925 thousand tenge from its reserve fund to complete the construction of the main gas pipeline with the installation of an automated gas distribution station from the Zhanaozen-Aktau gas pipeline. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov.

Currently, the northern part of Aktau is actively developing. In particular, high-rise residential buildings and social facilities are being built. In order to supply the expanding part of the city with heat this year it is planned to install a number of block-modular boilers and build two new boiler houses. The new energy sources will be gas-fired which requires an expansion of the relevant infrastructure.

All in all, a new 52-kilometer-long gas pipeline will provide heat and marketable gas to about 150,000 residents of the new neighborhoods of Aktau, villages Kyzyltobe, Daulet and Bayandy of Munaily district, and Akshukur and Sain Shapagatov of Tupkaragan district.

It is being built as part of the development of the external infrastructure of the Caspian Energy Hub.

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