What social networks are most popular among Kazakhstanis?

What social networks are most popular among Kazakhstanis?
Фото: pexels.com 05.12.2023 15:04 1164

According to an October 2023 report, the three most popular social media platforms in Kazakhstan are Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook, El.kz reports citing finprom.kz.

According to the source, Pinterest and YouTube take leading positions in terms of the number of users in Kazakhstan, accounting for 28.1% and 20.64%.

It is noted that Facebook with 18.1% of users, Instagram with 10.16% and Twitter with 9.82% are in next place. Also, a significant part of users prefer the Russian social network VKontakte, the share of which is 8.65%.

Pinterest is the most popular in October 2023 among Kazakhstanis using social media on personal computers and laptops, with a share of 27.09%, and on mobile phones with 28.45%. At the same time, Facebook became the most popular social network on tablets, which is significantly ahead of competitors with a share of 47.57%.

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