Screening of Kazakh feature film held in Riyadh

Screening of Kazakh feature film held in Riyadh
Фото: MFA 05.12.2023 14:53 1000

The Kazakh feature film “Paralympian” directed by Aldiyar Bayrakimov, was presented to the public during the International Film Festival “Ambassador's Choice”, El.kz cites MFA.

The film's plot, in a certain sense, mirrors the story of skier Alexander Kolyadin, the 2018 Paralympic Games champion whose “gold” medal marked a historic achievement for Kazakhstan in the Winter Paralympic Games.

The film received positive reviews from local viewers and representatives of the diplomatic corps, with guests expressing high praise for the performances of the national cinema's actors. In his welcoming speech, Berik Aryn, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Saudi Arabia, briefed the audience on the development of the national film industry and the international accomplishments of emerging Kazakhstan filmmakers.

The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Saudi Arabia is participating in the annual film festival for the third time, providing an opportunity to introduce the diplomatic corps and the public to the cinematic art of Kazakhstan. Last year, the Embassy of Kazakhstan organized a screening of the historical film “Tomiris”, directed by Akan Sataev, which tells the story of the Queen of the Massagetae. The film received positive reviews from the audience.

In addition to Kazakhstan, countries such as India, Germany, Vietnam, Mexico, Venezuela, Australia, Spain, and Bangladesh are participating in the film festival.

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