Revenues of republican budget increased by 10%, expenditures - by 23%

Revenues of republican budget increased by 10%, expenditures - by 23%
Фото: El.kz 04.12.2023 16:15 1005

In January-September 2023, republican budget revenues amounted to 12.9 trillion tenge, which is 9.7% more than a year earlier, El.kz reports with reference to Finprom.

In turn, republican budget expenditures reached 15.3 trillion tenge, an increase of 22.5% compared to the same period in 2022.

The difference between expenditures and revenues amounted to 2.4 trillion tenge, the ratio of expenses to income was 118.5%. For comparison: last year, the difference was 720.9 billion tenge, the ratio was 106.1%. It should be noted that in recent years, expenses have consistently exceeded revenues.

69.1% of the republican budget revenues in January-September of this year accounted for tax revenues. In total, the state treasury has received 8.9 trillion tenge of taxes since the beginning of the year, which is immediately 23% more than in January-September last year. Most of them were value added tax (4.1 trillion tenge), corporate income tax (2.4 trillion tenge) and excise taxes (116.6 billion tenge).

Non-tax revenues accounted for 245.7 billion tenge (plus 1.9% for the year), revenues from the sale of fixed capital — 401.3 million tenge (minus 69.2%).

Transfer receipts amounted to 3.7 trillion tenge, which is 12.4% less than a year earlier.

Senators proposed to increase the republican budget by almost 120 billion tenge. The state treasury can be replenished for the next three years at the expense of the reserve of the president and the government. The funds will be used to modernize roads, engineering networks, and build important social and strategic facilities, the head of the department reported.

As for the expenditures of the republican budget, in January-September of this year, most of them fell on social assistance and social security: 3.5 trillion tenge, an annual growth of 8.4%. The share of this segment in all state budget expenditures amounted to 22.8%.

Another 9.9% of expenditures fell on healthcare: 1.5 trillion tenge, which is 9.9% more than a year earlier.

Next, with a share of 5.1%, there are expenditures on public order, security, legal, judicial and penitentiary activities: since the beginning of the year, the amount reached the  785.9 billion tenge, plus 21.5%.

1.6 trillion tenge was spent from the budget on debt servicing, against 1.1 trillion tenge a year earlier. The year-on-year growth was a noticeable 42.5%. Transfers accounted for 3.7 trillion tenge, twice as much as in the same period last year.

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