What yurt does Loro Piana use in advertisement?

What yurt does Loro Piana use in advertisement?
Фото: instagram.com/loropiana 04.12.2023 15:22 1194

Recently, premium brand Loro Piana used a yurt to advertise its winter collection, El.kz reports.

By the way, the advertisement attracted a large number of users from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. And there was even a dispute about which country this yurt was from.  As noted by users, Loro Piana made such an advertisement to attract more clients  from Kazakhstan.

The ornament along the edge of the door is traditionally used in the production of yurts in the neighboring country.

However, the yurt shown in the photo is Turkic in assembly.

According to experts, the Italian brand used a yurt from Mongolia, but it is possible that it was made by Kazakh masters. And this is explained by the presence of a large number of the Kazakh diaspora in Mongolia.

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