Global measles deaths jumped 40 per cent last year: WHO

Global measles deaths jumped 40 per cent last year: WHO
Фото: AP 27.11.2023 15:16 715

Measles deaths globally spiked by more than 40 per cent last year and cases rose after vaccination levels dramatically dropped during the pandemic, leading health agencies say, El.kz reports with reference to thewest.com.au.

The highly infectious disease triggered epidemics in 37 countries last year, versus 22 countries in 2021.

It sickened nine million children and killed 136,00, mostly in poorer countries, the World Health Organisation and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a new report.

The number of measles cases also rose by nearly 20 per cent after immunisation levels dropped to their lowest in 15 years during the pandemic, the two agencies said.

"The increase in measles outbreaks and deaths is staggering but unfortunately not unexpected given the declining vaccination rates we've seen in the past few years," the CDC's John Vertefeuille said in a statement.

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