Development concept of healthcare infrastructure for 2024-2030 adopted in Government

Development concept of healthcare infrastructure for 2024-2030 adopted in Government
Фото: primeminister.kz 13.06.2024 12:26 613

The Concept of Health Infrastructure Development for 2024-2030 was adopted by the Government Decree. The document, developed by the Ministry of Healthcare on behalf of the Head of State, was presented by Minister Akmaral Alnazarova at the session chaired by Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov, El.kz cites primeminister.kz.

Over the past 5 years, about 400 health care facilities have been built in Kazakhstan, more than 261 billion tenge has been allocated for the purchase of medical equipment. However, the level of wear and tear of infrastructure remains high at 50%, half of the existing facilities have been in operation for more than 40 years. With the level of medical equipment in the country above 80%, the quality of service is reduced due to wear and tear of equipment, the Minister reported. Associated problems of the health care system are also irrational use of the bed fund, shortage of doctors and nurses. Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov emphasised the need for a comprehensive approach to the development of health infrastructure. According to the new Concept, the process of identifying sites for the construction of medical centres will be reviewed taking into account long-term forecasts and the needs of the population in various types of assistance. 

The Ministry of Healthcare has tentatively identified the need to modernise 2,500 healthcare facilities. The first stage includes the construction of 34 anchor projects with 11,440 beds. These are systemically important medical institutions such as the National Centre for Children's Oncology and Haematology, the Centre for Children's Cardiac Surgery, and university multidisciplinary hospitals in the regions. At the second stage, together with local executive bodies, it is planned to continue the modernisation of the facilities. 

Prime Minister noted that during the implementation of the projects it is important to maximally involve domestic producers of construction materials, furniture and equipment, which will have a positive impact on the economy of the regions. In addition, international quality standards should be observed. 

"Only 9 medical organisations in Kazakhstan meet the JCI (Joint Commission International) international standard, including the National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Centre, the National Centre for Maternity and Childhood and others. Accreditation according to these standards means the "highest level" of healthcare quality to which all medical institutions should strive. Therefore, starting from the design stage of key projects, the requirements of the international standard JCI should be provided for,"Head of the Government stressed. 

The need to apply international experience in attracting private investment in health care was noted. In the near future such a method of equipping and management of medical facilities should become a priority measure of infrastructure development. Head of the Government drew attention of akims of Mangystau region, Ulytau, Zhetysu to this problem because these regions show the lowest indicators in terms of attracted funds. Astana and Almaty, as well as Turkestan and Atyrau regions have the most investments.

As a result of implementation of the Concept, it is planned to reduce the degree of wear and tear of healthcare facilities to 30%, increase equipment to 88% and provision of medical personnel in accordance with the standards. 

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