Kazakh PM on house restoration after flood: Not only deadlines crucial, but also quality of work carried out

Kazakh PM on house restoration after flood: Not only deadlines crucial, but also quality of work carried out
Фото: primeminister.kz 13.06.2024 11:37 599

At the Government session chaired by Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov the progress of repair and restoration work in the regions affected by the flood was reviewed. The Minister of Industry and Construction Kanat Sharlapayev reported on the situation at the moment, El.kz cites primeminister.kz.

In Kazakhstan as a result of floods recognised as affected 18,005 properties. Survey results are available for 17,295 of them. Increase of issued conclusions for a week made up 1 375. It is planned to build 2,245 objects, purchase 5,235 houses and flats on the property market, repair 9,819 dwellings.

As reported by the Minister of Industry and Construction Kanat Sharlapayev, the construction of 1,828 houses has been started, which is 81%. At the same time, low rates and mobilisation take place in West Kazakhstan region and Akmola region. In Aktobe region and West Kazakhstan region, 2,122 houses are still under water. 

For Kazakhstanis, whose real estate is recognised as unfit, 1,943 objects have been purchased. To date, the owners of 1,772 houses have received payments. The Situation Centre and the Human Resources Development Centre monitor the process of receiving and processing applications from citizens at all stages through eGov and the Social Assistance AIS. Digitalisation has also enabled monitoring by stage of implementation. In each region, 52 cameras with round-the-clock online access have been placed at mass construction sites. In the coming week 6 cameras will be additionally connected in Aktobe region.

Prime Minister positively assessed the repair and construction works in North Kazakhstan region, where 53 families were handed the keys to new houses. 

At the same time Prime Minister emphasised that other regions had not yet gained the necessary pace.

"Last week I visited North Kazakhstan region. The pace of repair and construction works is not bad there. Other regions have not yet gained the necessary pace. Once again I remind you that summer is short, we need to do everything in time. Moreover, we need to do it well.  Unfortunately, inertness, indecisiveness, weak organisation are noted in the work of local authorities. Especially West Kazakhstan and Atyrau regions need to become more active. There should be no disruption of deadlines. At the same time, not only deadlines are important for us, but also the quality of work. We should pay special attention to it," Olzhas Bektenov emphasised.

In addition, instructions were given to bring the territory in the regions to the appropriate form. Thus, to combat the flood in many regions were made mounds of earth, clay, used sandbags. Akimats were instructed to remove and dispose of bags to prevent damage to the environment.


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