Almost 13,000 foreigners work in Kazakhstan

Almost 13,000 foreigners work in Kazakhstan
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According to the latest information from the Ministry of Labor as of February 1, 2024, 12,882 foreign citizens were employed in Kazakhstan with permits from local executive bodies, El.kz reports.

Permits to attract foreign labor cover various categories: 565 permits were granted for managers and their deputies (first category), 2,671 permits for heads of structural units (second category). Most of the foreign workers involved are in the third (specialists) and fourth (skilled workers) categories – 5,871 and 595 people, respectively.

Also, 564 people were involved in seasonal work, and 2,616 people were involved in corporate transfers.

Currently, 1,657 employers in Kazakhstan employ foreign workers. More than 456,000 citizens of Kazakhstan work at these enterprises, which is 97.2% of the total number of employees.

According to the division into types of economic activity, the largest number of labor migrants is employed in the following sectors: construction – 4,326 people (33.5%), manufacturing – 1,370 people (10.6%), mining – 1,298 people (10%), professional, scientific and technical activities – 843 people (6.5%), agriculture, forestry and fisheries – 600 people (4.6%).

The main countries of origin of labor migrants are: China – 4,045 people (31.4%), India – 1,152 people (8.9%), Turkey – 1,110 people (8.6%), Uzbekistan – 673 people (5.2%).

To protect the domestic labor market, every year the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan establishes and distributes a quota for the admission of foreign specialists to the republic. For 2024, the total quota is 0.23% of the country's workforce, which is equal to 22 thousand units.

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