American magazine publishes travel guide to Kazakhstan

American magazine publishes travel guide to Kazakhstan
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Kazakhstan is becoming a noticeable trend destination for tourists, according to the authoritative American magazine Travel + Leisure, El.kz reports.

Journalist Yashita Vashisht has created a travel guide to the unique places of Kazakhstan called "What to do, where to accommodate and what to eat: the best route in Kazakhstan".

The recommended period for exploring the country is from April to May or from September to October, when, according to the author, you can enjoy the panorama of mountain landscapes and steppe expanses with comfort. Travel+Leisure offers a seven-day trip that includes visits to Astana, Shymkent, Turkestan, Almaty and their surroundings.

The guide also contains useful information for those coming to Kazakhstan: visa issues, phrases in Kazakh with translation into English, as well as recommendations for hotels and national dishes.

Based in New York City, Travel+Leisure is published 12 times a year and has 4.8 million readers. The magazine specializes in tourist trips and offers articles from writers, poets, artists and designers. It brings together a community of 16 mln travelers around the world and is a source of inspiration for travel enthusiasts.

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